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Dealing with death is difficult for all of us. This difficult time shouldn’t be made worse and more complicated with outrageous court fees or family turmoil. Most people do not think about planning their estate. However, all of us must not only consider the idea of planning our estate—we must plan our estate. Every person wants to make sure that their family is taken care of after they are gone, and creating a proper estate plan is critical to attain this goal.

The consequences of not having an estate plan can be severe. A lack of an estate plan could lead to undesirable individuals or entities receiving your property after your death. In other circumstances, the court could appoint who is to look after your minor children. Who would you want to make the decision as to whether to prolong your life if you are in a vegetative state? Who should have control over your property and how much control should that person have? These are all difficult, yet serious questions that must be addressed.

You have worked tirelessly your entire life to support your family, obtain and develop your property, and create your legacy—do not let a lack of planning place anything into the arena of uncertainty, conflict, or the probate system. Planning your estate properly requires careful consideration of your finances, family structure, your property, the law, and most importantly, your wishes for how you want your property to be handled after you leave your family.

Wills and trusts are not only for the wealthy—do not let this misconception lead you astray. Every person with a house, business, investments, or any other property should plan their estate. Every person should be able to determine who will handle their finances or health when they are incapacitated. The costs associated with protecting your family and life’s work are minimal compared to the potential heartache, turmoil, and financial loss from the lack of planning your estate.

What our clients are saying

  • I was always a firm believer that majority of lawyers are reason free from passion. No offense to the lawyers but during my first meeting with Jaspreet Tiwana I came to the realization that this young lawyer is not only passionate but also his presence dictates a sense of serenity during one of the most important decisions of your life. His superb personality, outstanding knowledge, and being able to tailor make your last wishes were all very impressive.

  • Jaspreet reviewed my estate plan as well as wrote me a letter that I needed for applying for a financial claim. He is professional, experienced, and wonderful to work with! I highly recommend him.

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