The chief concern at Tiwana Law is its clients and their satisfaction. The legal profession is often distant, cold, and very formal. Tiwana Law prides itself in maintaining excellent legal services and professionalism, but also places a great importance on fostering a personal and friendly environment. Jaspreet understands the questions, concerns, history, culture, and wishes of his clients, and does his very best to assure that the optimal outcome is obtained for every single one of his clients.

Jaspreet is a young attorney who has quickly developed his own business by starting his legal practice. Jaspreet comes from humble beginnings, and therefore has a great appreciation for the hard work and accomplishments of his clients. Hence, Tiwana Law provides a professional legal environment that is still underscored by a friendliness and compassion—all by an attorney that understands your hard work.

What my clients are saying

  • I was always a firm believer that majority of lawyers are reason free from passion. No offense to the lawyers but during my first meeting with Jaspreet Tiwana I came to the realization that this young lawyer is not only passionate but also his presence dictates a sense of serenity during one of the most important decisions of your life. His superb personality, outstanding knowledge, and being able to tailor make your last wishes were all very impressive.

  • During my visa application, I met with Mr. Tiwana to get a second opinion on the current process, so that I could review and discuss my current status and options. It was quite calming and gratifying meeting with him as he went over my case and thoroughly answered and described to me the options. I certainly went out feeling a better notion of my application. I appreciate that he followed up with me even after we met. It made me feel as if I would be able to reach out easily if I needed some guidance.

  • Jaspreet Tiwana is very professional in his work. I had applied for adjustment but was not getting results/information from USCIS. I was about to get “out of status,” which is a huge problem. I consulted Mr Tiwana, and he was super helpful considerate and professional with his work. He found out what was the problem with my file, what all I have missed and then he helped me fill out all the forms I missed. He wrote a letter for me to USCIS and I was able to get my adjustment done. Even when he was out of country, he takes care of you like a family member (he helped me over the phone and email from there so that I could get my file delivered to USCIS on time). Big thanks to Mr Jaspreet Tiwana for all his help!

  • Jaspreet reviewed my estate plan as well as wrote me a letter that I needed for applying for a financial claim. He is professional, experienced, and wonderful to work with! I highly recommend him.

  • Jaspreet recently resolved my immigration issues by getting me legal status in the US. Before we consulted with Jaspreet, I had consulted with several other attorneys, all of whom said we had no case and basically blew us off. This was not the case with Jaspreet. Our initial consultation was very thorough. He took a vastly greater amount of information from us and advised us of our options. His confidence in our case allowed us to make the decision to proceed. I cannot understate how detrimental this decision could be for me and my spouse, as a negative result would require myself to remain out of the country for at least ten years. It was Jaspreet’s confidence in the case and thorough explanation of it that allowed us to move forward. He was at all times supremely professional and kept us informed in such a way that the process was not overwhelming. During the process we encountered multiple delays by the US consulate and Immigration services. Jaspreet showed tremendous tenacity in finding any information about the delays and what could be done to resolve them. The effort he put forth felt like the effort one would put forth for their own family.



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